The Builder


Gareth Rodman aka "The Viking"


I started in the building industry 18 years ago with a great enjoyment for creating things and building big structures. Originally, I was more focused on the scale of my projects, the bigger the better kind of attitude. But, as time went on with a number houses built I  became focused on the design and the detail, and realised how important the quality of the spaces we live in are, as well as the quality of the workmanship. 

The homes we live in should inspire us and motivate us to live a more active, fulfilled and abundant life.

Over the years I have worked with clients all with very different ideas for their homes and I have taken time to understand them and their needs for their homes.  In this time I discovered both the journey to realise the concept in my clients eyes and the importance of continuing to work with clients through the building process made for a far better outcome.

Building is my profession; I have built a business around and developed a platform to allow me to deliver high quality new homes for my clients. There is a right way to do what we do as builders; we have a responsibility in the community and to our clients to excel and achieve excellence. We have a responsibility to be extraordinary. 

Everything I do is without compromise which is why I’ve adopted our company tagline “Build without Compromise”. It reflects my philosophy and values for achieving quality in service, workmanship and outcome. 

I offer the industry a business that provides complete flexibility in design, absolute transparency in cost planning and programming and the most important to any successful long-term relationship, honest and open communication channels through every phase of our process. 

I enjoy meeting new clients to discuss their new home ideas and I appreciate the opportunity to work with them on building their new homes. So, I welcome direct contact from potential clients. 

Contact me or call me 0416 831 916 to find out more about how we can work with you.

Thank you